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  • Mind control chips being developed by the US military could be used to control your mood, after testing in humans began for the first time. Microchips implanted into people's skulls emit electronic pulses that alter their brain chemistry, in a process called 'deep brain stimulation.'
implants in body ( believe to have or medically proven via x-ray) 27%: 20: A: Visual observation of energy-like vortex “portals” in ones presence, often during sexual activity: 23%: 21: A: Rapid fingernail growth following abduction: 23%: 22: A: Ammonia taste in mouth (especially after abduction) 95%: 23: E: Unexplained headaches,

May 28, 2011 · Some of the publicly implanted people (for instance some who got a 4 mm. cochlear auditory implant), who thought they were getting medical help, were later followed up a decade later by the intelligence agencies for their own agenda, and instead of just hearing the world, they got to hear mind-control drivel from some handler communicating via ...

Keep in mind that implants are body parts that you really want to make sure you have a very experienced surgeon as opposed to a novice that may do few implants per year. He is 77 years old and overweight.He has both blood pressure and cholesterol which are both under control by medicine.
  • Dec 26, 2018 · To have some one, something.. control you..is a feeling on it's own. Nothing can compare to it. I hear about mind control and how for some humans it is a goal. Maybe it be military, government, black-ops or whatever type of new world order agendas. They are doing something.
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  • There are two main types of eye removal surgery: Enucleation. The entire eye (globe) is removed in an enucleation. The muscles that control eye movement are left intact and are resewn to the spherical implant (artificial eyeball). Evisceration.

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    The removal of Implant Energy Blockages from the Aura as well as the chakras is one of the most important removals of control. A Cosmic Test In the classical scheme of the planetary system, there are seven planets, not including the Earth: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn.

    Mar 04, 2020 · Dental implants are a very safe, reliable method of restoring your smile. With proper placement and post-implant oral care and hygiene, you can expect your implants to last 30+ years. Dental implants have a 10-year success rate of over 98%.

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    REMOVAL/HIGHER GRID WORK/ASCENSION AND SOUL RETRIEVAL - Some of the work Om-ra facilitates in the session: - Defusing and removing Negative Extraterrestrial Implants, Negative Monitors and Transmitters - Clearing lower astral and astral entities - Clearing Astral Parasites, Etheric Mucus, Astral Ticks, Negative Elementals Nov 06, 2018 ...

    Mind control through microchips is not far from us. Puzzlebox has developed the world’s first brain controlled toy helicopter, “Power up the controller, slip on the headset, and start concentrating.”(Miot 2012) That headset will soon become an implantable microchip in our brains that allow us to control our phones, televisions and home ...

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    The drawing based on subtle-knowledge shows how the witch is putting thoughts into his mind through her black energy. The drawing based on subtle-knowledge shows a witch hugging Luis. Luis is trying to concentrate on his article that he is writing as part of his spiritual practice of doing service unto the Absolute Truth ( satsēvā ) .

    5) Occupy the mind. Once people are isolated in their minds, fill the brain with prearranged experience and thought. Content is less important than the fact of the mind being filled. Free-roaming thought is to be discouraged at all costs, because it is difficult to control. 6) Encourage drug use.

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    The class action suit is against the United States, for conducting the electronic harassment against us, and seeking a court order for the systems going to victims to be turned off. For proof, we...

    For two decades or more during the Cold War, the CIA and the military allegedly plied the unwitting with acid, weed, and dozens of psychoactive drugs, in a series of zany (and sometimes dangerous ...

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    The technological advances regarding mind control and brain zapping technology allow the mass distribution of thought altering technology. Brain stimulation is a dirty field; researchers proved just last year that magnetic and electric pulses pumped into the brain could remove one’s view or belief in God, and or political views.

    REMOVAL/HIGHER GRID WORK/ASCENSION AND SOUL RETRIEVAL - Some of the work Om-ra facilitates in the session: - Defusing and removing Negative Extraterrestrial Implants, Negative Monitors and Transmitters - Clearing lower astral and astral entities - Clearing Astral Parasites, Etheric Mucus, Astral Ticks, Negative Elementals Nov 06, 2018 ...

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    In Parts 2, 3 and possibly 4, we will be going over in detail the implantation systems I have encountered, negative entity types, positive entity encounters, positive implants, different types of implants, parasites and artificial intelligence, as well as the techniques, and how to remove each type of parasite/implant and entity.

    Mind-reading exoskeletons, digital tattoos, 3D printed drugs, RFID implants for recreational purposes: mindblowing innovations are coming to medicine and What if you could type into a computer with only your thoughts or control your entire smart house by sending out the necessary brainwaves?

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    Drug induce mind control. Secret Government. Body and Mind Manipulation. Brain Implant Victim Tips. Gang Stalking Detail. The control of histamine production is an important secret ingredient to the Monarch Mind Control. The breast implants placed into women help stimulate histamine...

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Mind control chips can decode what your ears are hearing, RFID chip in ear Mind control chips in the ear!A gadget which will be developed by the US Army will be used to control your mind according to daily mail reports come to realize or understand what would be people are hearing and duplicate them in a very machine voice may bring North American country and not far off to perusing the ...
(This is especially for those who had close encounters with her and remember!) *Mind Control P.T.S & B.S. *Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) P.T.S. & B.S. *Porn Vibration P.T.S. & B.S. *Thinkable, Unthinkable & Anti-Thinkable Implants, Programs and Backlash (These are the types that Duerlah was famous for) *Forced Hologram & Earth Entrance ...
1.) there are 4 stages: a) removal of dark entitiy, b) removal of veil, c) disclosure, d) event - we are now between b & c, with removal of veil at 58% thus allowing much more intel to be released, 2nd stage completion percentage is 37% - 61% 2) only 24% of the population is truly awakwned 3) 90% of the financial aspect is complete
Electronic implants consist of transmitters, ESF generators, micro-neurophonic transceiver, tracking devices and other micro sized devices designed to cause harassment. The most common platform for an implant was designed by the government over 25 years ago and is still used to this day.