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  • ECU Tools — equipment online store for сhip-tuning and auto diagnostics. MMC Flasher is a multi-purpose flasher intended for Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Mazda, Ford, Nissan, Infiniti, Honda chip-tuning.
DIGITAL ECU TUNER3. The DIGITAL ECU TUNER 3 is a very popular piggyback tuning device across Europe. The DET3 is probably the most capable piggyback tuning device for its size. The DET3 is incredibly versatile, user friendly and powerful. For most applications, the DET3 allows for the removal of an airflow meter, can drive up to 4 injectors in batch fire and Ignition timing can be adjusted via 16×16 tables.

The use of the term ECU may be used to refer to an Engine Control Unit, however ECU also refers to an Electronic Control Unit, which is a component of any automotive mechatronic system, not just for the control of an engine. In the Automotive industry, the term ECU often refers to an Engine Control Unit (ECU), or an Engine Control Module (ECM).

Send us your ECU/ECM and we will custom build you a dyno tested tune. Each tune is optimized and fully tested for your car and driving habits. Get a tune that optimizes for performance or one that optimizes for fuel economy. 100% Safe. 24-48 Hour Turn Around Time.
  • Quantum Tuning has a database of over 50,000 unique files supplying a network of approximately 1000 dealers the world over – we are the largest ECU remapping and chip tuning dealer group. All our dealers receive thorough initial training, and then receive ongoing support and technical development to ensure that every aspect of your remap is ...
  • Tunehouse is Sydney's preferred Automotive Performance Workshop. We specialise in Dyno tuning, ECU & Performance Upgrades, General service and Repair.
  • Car Performance Parts, ECU: The FlashPro allows full user tuning and datalogging of late model performance Hondas and Acuras. It includes Windows based software called FlashProManager. (

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    PGM-FI Tuning - ECU Engine Management & Parts (FORZA25 '18-) - Fuel Injectors (FORZA125) - Throttle Bodies (FORZA125) Spark Plugs Variator & Parts Water Cooler & Parts; FORZA300 NSS300. FORZA300 / NSS300 (2013 - 2018) PGM-FI Tuning - ECU Engine Management Unit & Parts (FORZA300) Piston Kits Variator & Parts

    ECU Remapping & Tuning Software and dyno tuning information. Available 24/7, instant download.

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    Honda PowerTRONIC Honda CBR 954RR (2002-2003) ... INSTALL APPROPRIATE R-TUNE USB DRIVERS AND PLEASE USE THE PROVIDED USB TUNING CABLE ... required for R-Tune Software ...

    Sep 18, 2014 · The software allows access to the programming in the ECU and by changing parity bits and field options you can change how the ECU carries out its instructions. ... sometimes ECU tuning can make ...

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    Remapping is developed in-house using some of the very finest tuning software, tools, and Dyno equipment currently available. Custom file service for all Master tools all checksums are corected in software (Clone Safe) kess v2 , Galetto , Cmd , Autotuner , Dimsport . Reseller Solutions for Slave Networks

    Quantum Tuning are the largest ecu remapping & chip tuning service dealer group, supplying 50,000 files annually to a network of 1,000 dealers in 95 countries. All of our dealers have received thorough initial training and then receive ongoing technical development and support to ensure every aspect of the remap is completed in a safe and ...

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    Tuning Honda Civic R18 Turbo. Dinoran R18 Turbo Today we will look at how we can use the EcuBooster to tune a turbo-setup with R18… Honda 2.0 Turbo Bosch development. Good news, our partner PCM Flash announced #71 plugin, so you can unlock ECU MED17.9.3 without lid opening.

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    Software is not included; order the Honda Diagnostic Software Package separately. Projected annual cost of the software package is $840.* NOTE: You must be a current Service Express subscriber to order the tool, to subscribe to the software updates, and to get access to the latest documentation on the use of the tool.

    Again, more time and more tuning. 4. Cost. Stand alone ECU’s run anywhere from a grand to six and seven thousand dollars. OUCH! Piggyback ECU. Before we dive right into to talking about the Pro’s and Con’s of this ECU, let’s talk about how some of them work first. Piggyback ECU’s are wired to work with the factory ECU.

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    Air Fuel Tuning (A/F Tuning) Programming ECU settings for a optimul A/F Ratio * Your target AFR should be around 14.7:1 in vacuum, around 12.5:1 at static, and around 11.5-11.0:1 as you approach your peak boost level.

    This Honda ECU is also found in the same year range of JDM B16A Honda CRX / EF. PS9 - Rare and difficult to find the 4 door 1988-1991 Honda Civic EX utitlized You will see slight gains by running this ECU, but you won't realize full potential until you get tuning and additional upgrades for your H22A4.

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    Again, more time and more tuning. 4. Cost. Stand alone ECU’s run anywhere from a grand to six and seven thousand dollars. OUCH! Piggyback ECU. Before we dive right into to talking about the Pro’s and Con’s of this ECU, let’s talk about how some of them work first. Piggyback ECU’s are wired to work with the factory ECU.

Fabspeed® Motorsport USA manufactures performance exhaust and intake systems along with ExperTune™ ECU upgrades for the world's most coveted exotic cars.
This ECU tuning software package will typically advance ignition timing and then adjust the engine’s fueling to account for it. This software file is then loaded into the car. The only difference between the two is that the flash tune can be loaded directly into the vehicle while a chip has to be installed into the engine’s ECU.
This package contains MS3Pro Gen1 Standalone ECU, all tuning cables, software & manual on a USB drive, and 8′ wiring harnesses. The MS3Pro Gen1 can be used with most factory or aftermarket MAP/MAF sensors, allowing for Speed Density, MAF based, or Alpha-N (TPS Based) control, as well as a variety of blended algorithms for special purposes.
ECU tuning changes the software on the vehicle's own control unit, allowing it to read and change many of the vehicle's parameters. Often, the forcible opening of the unit is necessary. ECU tuning can only be reversed by completely deleting the controls.