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  • Ground clearance 38 cm Platform height 40.2 m Horizontal outreach 20.2 m Lift capacity 230-450 kg Horizontal jib rotation 150° (+75°/-75°) Platform rotation 180° (+90°/-90°) Vertical jib rotation 140° (+70°/-70°) Turntable rotation 360° continuous Tailswing 2.8 m Tilt 3 ° Drive speed 0,3 - 5 km/h Gradeability 40 % Turning radius ...
How we test gear. How To Use a Ladder on Uneven Ground. Q: What's the safest way to prop up the feet of an extension ladder on uneven ground? A: There is no truly safe way to do this. The best solution is to use a product like Little Giant ladders with ratchet levelers or LeveLok from Werner.

The tipping moment is when you are pulling over the side and the opposite side of the truck starts to come off the ground. The only way to increase pulling power over the side is to widen the stiff leg stance, lower the height of the pulling point, increase vehicle weight or change pulling point to the center of the SidePuller™.

Spider Lift Hire specialist, providing some of the most innovative and practical Powered Access Platforms in the UK. Restricted access, uneven ground and delicate flooring are not a problem with our range of Spider MEWPs Tracked Access Platforms. Site Height, Making access easy.
  • Towable boom lift rentals from The Home Depot Rental are ideal for tree care, home maintenance and signage or lighting repairs. Quick Specs. Max platform height: 34 - 35'. Max platform lift weight: 500 lbs.
  • tracked aerial lift telescopic articulating personnel or material handling aerial lift dpm2-52 & dpm-52 single person material handling or double person personnel available with a top (dpm2) or side (dpm) mounted jib and winch trek through rough terrain. this lift is able to: n climb a 40 degree slope n easily maneuver over uneven ground
  • the boom • NB: Overhanging loads can alter the boom’s centre of gravity and cause it to tip over. and needs to be ; Operation of EWP . the . extreme care. EWP tipping or rolling over. • 4 . If fitted with an oscillating axle and Scissor is on uneven ground driven use • If one or more wheels are not making full contact with the

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    • During lifting, the load moved forward and to the right, placing a twisting force on the boom. The boom twisted under the load, swinging down, under and to the right.

    The Falcon is ideal for many industrial applications including exterior use when low surface pressure requirements or the need to set up on uneven ground occur. Construction: The ReachMaster Falcon is ideal for many different types of construction projects and is ideal to have in your rental fleet.

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    • Boom maintenance (extension system, upper pads replacement) without boom disassembly Working height Length - transport Platform size Length - stowed Width Height - stowed Wheelbase Ground clearance Platform height Horizontal outreach Lift capacity Vertical jib range Platform rotation Boom range Turntable rotation Max slope Drive speed ...

    2.Complete safety devices. Standard configuration include four-link weighing devices, overload protection, automated detection device for detecting platform amplitude and height (automatic amplitude limiter), automatic control of the movement speed of the boom and traveling speed, and high-precision load sensor, to ensure the safety and stability of operation in all directions.

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    Indoor models have solid cushion tires to prevent damage to flooring, while outdoor models have air-filled pneumatic tires for easy maneuvering over uneven ground. If you’re purchasing a machine for indoor use, a narrow scissor lift is a great option. These machines are even easier to navigate, especially in an enclosed area with tight spaces.

    Browse Articulated Boom Lift Equipment. View our entire inventory of New or Used Articulated Boom Lift Equipment. always has the largest selection of New or Used Articulated Boom Lift Equipment for sale anywhere.

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    How Aerial Lift Falls Occur. Most accidents involving aerial lifts can be traced to untrained or improperly trained workers. Reasons for falls: A hydraulic cylinder fails and causes the boom to drop. Outriggers are not used or improperly placed and the lift vehicle overturns. Workers are not tied off while they are in the bucket.

    General Aerial Lift Device Use Practices Include:. On ladder trucks and tower trucks, secure aerial ladders in the lower traveling position by locking the device on top of the truck cab, and the manually operated device at the base of the ladder prior to moving the truck.

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    Nov 06, 2015 · Often the operator puts himself or herself into this risky situation by leaning over the guardrails or control panel to observe the wheels or base while traveling in an extended boom lift. Other hazards include uneven ground conditions, poor visibility at height, distractions (people or objects) in the path of the aerial work platform, placing objects in the platform that fall against the controls, and driving at high speed.

    Aug 31, 2017 · The purpose of a rough terrain scissor lift is to lift people and goods off the ground. This kind of scissor lift doesn’t need an even base to do a safe lift. A rough terrain scissor lift rarely has a battery engine. You may find a dual unit at times. However, most of these machines use gasoline.

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    Aug 31, 2017 · The purpose of a rough terrain scissor lift is to lift people and goods off the ground. This kind of scissor lift doesn’t need an even base to do a safe lift. A rough terrain scissor lift rarely has a battery engine. You may find a dual unit at times. However, most of these machines use gasoline.

    uneven ground, out o f level conditions, wind, side loads, pendulum action, jerking or sudden stopping of loads, hazardous conditions, experience of personnel, traveling with loads, electrical wires, etc. Side load on boom or fly is dangerous and shall be avoided. 11. Rated lifting capacities do not account for wind on suspended load or boom.

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    With more than 150 devices of the most diverse types, we offer a range of boom lifts and aerial telehandlers, equal to all challenges in industry, commerce and manual crafts. Even special platforms and forklifts with special equipment are always available at Hofmann – and always in the latest version.

    Rough terrain forklifts are specially designed to withstand rugged conditions such as rocky or uneven ground. They are very useful in heavy duty outdoor applications and well suited in industrial and construction sites. Rough terrain forklifts are also known as class 7 forklifts and are classified as lift code 1 lift trucks.

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A Scissor lift on sloped or uneven ground may be extremely dangerous in the hands of an inexperienced operator. The right training is required to make sure workers know about safety risks that can cause serious injuries or even death.
Operating a crane with a long boom, on uneven ground, you should: Block under the pad and keep the 90 degree angle between the cylinder rod and the pad The effective weight of the fly/jib when erected from the stowed position:
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